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The key to our fruitfulness according to Jesus is knowing him, abiding in him, connecting with him, relying on him, seeking his will and doing things in his power and for his glory. True fruitfulness cannot happen without true faithfulness in prayer. Our power to be used by God begins with prayer. It goes without saying that prayer is at the heart of all we do in the church and in the world. Prayer is the central avenue God uses to transform us, and it ushers us into continual communion with our Father God, and connects us to the voice and the power of the Holy Spirit living within us.


For the next 21 days we are entering into an intentional time of prayer and fasting for spiritual, relational or missional breakthrough. Throughout history, God’s people reached out to God for a fresh encounter or divine intervention, and time and time again we’ve seen him move.


You can download the Bible reading and prayer guide on this page. You can find some thoughts about why we fast and some tips for how to do it successfully at the bottom of this page. And you are invited to fast on Fridays for the next 3 weeks - or any other day that might work better for you - and to join us at the Revision Office (1000 73rd St, Suite 24, Windsor Heights) for a time of corporate prayer and worship at noon on Fridays for the next 3 weeks. 

We are excited to be on this journey together as we raise sails and allow the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit to propel us forward! 

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