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Haiti Blog #7 | Crank it to ELEVEN!

My ears are still ringing. I don’t know what the dB (decibel) level of a jet engine is, but the worship this morning was set at about 30dB’s higher. It’s indescribable really. I’ve never had sound hurt my face before. If someone were to ask me what I got out of the service this morning, well first I would just smile and nod because I wouldn’t have been able to hear them, but once I understood the question, I think the answer would have to be permanent hearing damage. It was LOUD! But in all seriousness, what I did get out of this morning’s service was the great reminder that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, what language you’re speaking, what sound system you’re using, or even what kind of room you’re meeting in. Where two or more are gathered, God is present, and we are all worshipping and praising the same God who was, is, and is to come! Hallelujah! I love worshipping around the world and getting a small glimpse of what heaven will be like; all of us, made in the image of God, praising and worshipping Jesus. It was so cool to all be packed into this small sanctuary, feeling hot and sweaty, not always understanding what was going on, but knowing that people were able to hear the name of Jesus being lifted up for miles around us.

After church we took a few pictures, made a couple sponsorship videos, and since the cameras were out, we made sure to get a picture of us all in our church clothes. We made sure to squeeze everybody in, especially the kids who were still hanging around and talking with us.

We loaded up the cars and headed down the road a ways to meet a family that a WWV staff member had met before. Meeting them, seeing their living conditions, and hearing their story broke my heart. Mom, Dad, and four kids living in a tin house, living on penny’s a day, if they’re lucky. The WWV staff member was telling us that when he first met this family, the mom was telling him how there are frequently times where the family will go days without food and so she will have to give them salty water to drink so that their stomachs would feel full and they could get by for a few more days. And yet somehow they weren’t sad. They weren’t upset at anyone or anything. They were joyful. Joyful people living in extremely difficult circumstances.

We sat with them, heard their story, shared a little of ours, laughed together, and talked about plans for the future. It was the prefect example of the mission of WWV being lived out right before our eyes. Making sure those kids get sponsored so they can be in school, talking about their passions and available resources to see how WWV can assist them in a developing a sustainable business, and most importantly encouraging them in their faith and praying with them. We’re all excited to continue following up with and building a relationship with this awesome family, and seeing how we can continue to build them up so they can provide for themselves financially.

After that the team split up. The ladies headed to the teen girls program, a bible study for girls to grow in their faith and better understand their self-worth and value through Christ. Courtney and Jenny were so excited about this program and how well the leaders did in communicating and bringing the word of God to life! These girls are in great hands and have such a bright and hopeful future. James and I went up the hill to reverse engineer a school desk so that WWV would know how much lumber to buy for a group that will be building a bunch of them next week.

We all met back at the guest house and, per usual, headed up the hill before dinner to see the sunset. We were joined for dinner by a family who lives in Haiti and is doing some incredible things just up the road. It was fun hearing about the experiences they've had over the last 25 years that they’ve lived here. They have some crazy stories!

It’s hard to believe we only have one more full day in Haiti. This week has flown by! We’re excited to make the most of it. We’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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