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  • Jeff Rynning

Haiti Blog #1 | Haiti 2019!

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2019 Haiti blog! This first message is from me, Jeff, but don’t worry, you won’t be stuck having to read my thoughts every day while we’re in Haiti :) The thought behind this blog is that it gives us, the Haiti Team, the chance to fill you in on what we’ve been up to each day, share cool stories with you, and share specific prayer requests along the way. We want you to be able to feel like you’re right there with us as we work alongside the Haitian community and be able to support us through prayer as well. Each blog will be written by a different person, sharing different stories, giving their unique perspective, and will be accompanied by a few pictures as well. In addition to all of that, we’ll be sure to include special messages back to family members and friends. We are SO excited about what God has in store for us this next week. We’ve spent a lot of time planning and preparing and we’re ready to put it all into practice and be used by God in incredible ways!

I ask that as we approach our departure day that you would be praying for the team. Pray that we would remain healthy and that God would be preparing us spiritually for anything and everything we might face in Haiti. Pray for our safe travels; that we would make it to Haiti safely. And please pray for the Haitian community, including all of the people we will interact with throughout the week. Pray that God would open their hearts and minds to what we have to say as we point people towards Him.

Thank you SO MUCH for following along with us on this journey for the next week. We cannot wait to see what God has in store for us. Feel free to share this blog link with other friends and family members so they can join in on the fun! We’ll see you back here in a few days! Next Stop… Haiti!!

With Love,

Haiti Crew

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